Sunday, August 16, 2020

Free FMI OFF | Permanent iCloud Unlock | Auto Remove lost to clean | iPhone 6S to 11Pro Max


Free FMI off  tool for windows, Auto Remove lost to clean,  Find My iPhone permanently off, Permanent unlock, Supported iPhone/ iPad ,Open Menu, Passcode locked, Disabled iPhone.

FMI OFF 5s to 12 Pro Max - Click here 

iCloud Bypass

Disabled Bypass


SIM Unlock

MacBook Bypass

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Special News :

In update iOS 14.5, Apple fixed the access that allowed to extract the iCloud tokens from a passcode or disabled or Lost mode iPhone . There for FMI off on iOS 14.5 or upper is not possible. Now FMI Off only supports iOS 13.x.x to iOS 14.4.2

Note:- Before Process, Your Device Must be offline or Airplane Mode  (Not connected to internet)

Steps :-

  1. Jailbreak your device
  2. Extract Free FMI file
  3. Run FMI Token.exe and click on Dump (iOS 13.x.x) or 12.x (iOS 14 - 14.4.2)
  4. Run FMI OFF.exe 
  5. Copy paste token values one by one and Click on Check
  6. Click on Remove
  7. 200 code means FMI Off done
  8. Restore your device
  9. Enter setup and Enjoy

Supported Devices :-

  • iPhone 6S to X passcode/ disabled/ Open Menu
  • iPhone XR to 11 Pro ( Open Menu )
  • iOS 13.x.x

Not Supported :-

  • Already bypassed  device
  • Hello Screen Device

Jailbreak  Methods :-

  • iPhone 6S to X ( Passcode or disabled )   -    Checkrain + MinaUSB / Checkrain Patch
  • iPhone 6S to X (Open Menu) – Checkn1x (Windows), Checkrain (MacOS)
  • iPhone XR to 11Pro max ( opened menu )   -   uncover Jailbreak

·                          Note :- Check Passcode Disabled Jailbreak Playlist Click Here

C Code Info :-

  • 200 Success
  • 154 Try Again, Connection Problem
  • 401 Device Not Supported, Owner Has Changed Apple Id Password
  • 403 Blocked Apple ID
  • 434 Token Expired Because Process Over 1minute, Try Again



  • Free FMI OFF  :   
  • MinaUSB  :   

Password : Hargopal Sohal

Credits :

  • @Dr Moe
  • @Minacrisis

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This content has been made available for informational and educational purpose only. You can try this on your own device. I, nor the developers will not be responsible for what you do with this tool.

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