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How to Downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15

Apple has released the developer preview of the iOS 16 to enable developers to bring changes to their apps and add support for new APIs.

    IOS 16 beta ( Exciting/Risky)


    Developer  Beta software can be exciting because you get to experience cool new features

    ·       Customizable Lock Screen

    ·       Messages (Ability to edit / delete )

    ·       Apple Pay ( Split a purchase into four payments over six weeks with no interest )

    ·       iCloud Shared Photo library ( Share pictures in separate iCloud library )

    ·       Family Sharing (Allowing parents to set up children’s devices much quicker and easier )


    But it Can be also Risky. Beta means Unfinished. There are chances of bugs and other issues.

    ·       Performance and Stability Issues.

    ·       Unsupported Apps.

    ·       You May Lose Your Data.

    ·       Horrible battery life

    ·       Connectivity Issues


    It is the main reason why most people install beta versions on their spare iPhones.


    Is Downgrade iOS 16 Beta Possible ?


    if you did end up installing the iOS 16 beta version on your main iPhone. Don’t worry. It is possible to downgrade the iOS 16 beta version and get back to the stable iOS 15


    Keep in Mind before downgrade iOS 16 Beta


    ·       You cannot downgrade by removing the beta profile.

    ·       You cannot use an iCloud backup/iTunes Backup of iOS 16 Beta after restoring to iOS 15.x ( Latest Signed)

    ·       You can sync most of your important data with iCloud before downgrading. So it can be available on all of your iCloud-connected devices.

    ·       You can Restore backup after downgrade if you have archived iOS 15.x Backup


    Downgrade iOS 16 beta to iOS 15.5  


    Step 1. Backup Your Important Data

    If you forgot to create an archived backup of iOS 15.5 before updating to the iOS 16 beta. Follow steps to Backup your Important Data


    ·       Open Settings > Apple ID>iCloud

    Click on Apple ID Name

    Click on iCloud

    ·       Goto ‘Sync with iCloud’ Section. Click on ‘Show all’ and toggle On All Apps (Apple Apps and Installed Apps) with important data.

    Click on Show All

    Toggle ON all App


    Step 2. Disable Find My iPhone


    If you do not turn it off .You will have to enter your Apple ID and password after restoring your device.


    ·       Open Settings >Apple ID> Find My > Find My iPhone

    ·       Toggle off Find My iPhone


    Step 3. Download IPSW File


    ·       Open Browser and Search

    ·       Go to your Device Section

    ·       Select Your iDevice Model

    ·       Download Latest Signed IPSW File (iOS 15.5)


    Step 4. Downgrade Process


    This method will erase the iPhone in doing so. This means you will lose everything on the iPhone by downgrading. If you have a backup made from iOS 15.x  then  you can restore backup to get your data back.


    ·       Open iTunes on Your Computer

    ·       Connect your Device using original Data Cable

    ·       Pop up on iDevice “ Trust this compuer”. Click on Trust and Enter password of idevice

    ·       Hold Sift Key on Keyboard and Click on Restore on iTunes

    ·       A window will pop up on the screen. Select downloaded IPSW file and Open

    ·       After verifying update , Restore will start.

    ·       After Restore Done. Set up your iDevice


    Note : - Your PC must be connected to working internet connection .


    Step 5. Restore Backup


    ·       After Completing Setup, Connect your Device to iTunes

    ·       A window on itunes shows “Set up as a New iphone” or “Restore Backup”

    ·       Select Restore Backup. if you have an iOS 15.5 backup.


    Did you downgrade from iOS 16 beta? If yes Why ? Let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments.


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