Sunday, February 14, 2021

iOS 12.5.1 | iCloud Activation Bypass | Battery drain fix | Restart fix

iCloud Activation Bypass tool for windows , Free Tool, Battery Drain Fix, Restart Fix, Supports - GSM and MEID, iPhone, iPad, Sign in Apple ID through Appstore and download Apps

Device Must be :-

  • MEID
  • GSM (Insert Sim with SIM PIN) 
  • Hello Screen
  • Clean Restored by iTunes or 3utools

    Note:- Before Process, Your PC Must be Connected to internet

Steps :-

  1. Jailbreak your device
  2. Extract iFrpfile all in one file
  3. Run iFrpfile all in one tool.exe
  4. Connect your Device and Click on Untethered Bypass
  5. After Done. Enter Setup without password and iCloud ID
  6. Done. Enjoy free bypass

    Note:- GSM user insert Sim with SIM PIN. After restart click on cancel

Supported Devices :-

  • iPhone iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPhone SE, 6S , iPhone 6S+ iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+ , iPhone 8 / iPhone 8+, iPhone X.

  • iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro (12.9 in), iPad Pro (9.7 in) , iPad Pro (10.5 in), iPod 6G, iPod 7G

  • iOS 12.x.x, iOS 13.x.x, iOS 14.x.x  

Jailbreak  Method (Windows) :-

  1. Run 3utools
  2. Connect Your Device
  3. Navigate to Flash & JB > Jailbreak
  4. Click on Make Checkra1n jailbreak USB flash drive
  5. Select from local Checkn1x 1.1.6.iso file
  6. Insert Pen Drive ( Minimum 1GB )
  7. Click on Start Making
  8. After Done. Restart Your PC
  9. Press boot option key (Ex. F12)
  10. Select USB storage device
  11. Press Alt + F2 ( Alt + Fn + F2 ) 
  12. Connect your device and Jailbreak
  13. After jailbreak Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
  14. Your PC will restart. Remove pen drive 
  15. Done
    Note :- Check Passcode Disabled Jailbreak Playlist Click Here



    Password : Hargopal Sohal


    Credits :

    • @frpfilecom
    • @Asineth

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